Croatia and Slovenia offer great scenery for all kinds of projects. With just a few hours of drive you can climb the Alps and sail the Adriatic Sea. Remarkably vibrant film industry, an impressive record in international production and competitive production costs put Croatia and Slovenia on the top of European filmmaking destinations.

  • Mediterranean coastline and remote islands
  • The Alpine world
  • Karst and lowlands
  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Europe in Miniature

The region is located on the meeting point of three European regions - the Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian.

This is the only place were you can find a variety of natural jewels so closely together: high snowy peaks, waterfalls, lakes and clear wild rivers of Alps, Karst caves and plateaus, flat lands and meadow fields of Pannonia, vineyards and more than 5500 km of Adriatic coast with more than 1100 islands, islets and cliffs.

In addition to natural beauties, the region was influenced in the past centuries, by all the surrounding civilisations and offers amazing architecture from Mediterranean coast, covered in Roman architecture, to the continental Austrian-Hungarian influence in the cities and towns.

A temperate continental climate and a pleasant Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast, with an overwhelming number of sunny days, dry and hot summers, mild and humid winters, offers pleasant shooting conditions all year round.