Pakt Media specializes in Croatia, Slovenia and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. This region offers a spectacular array of diverse locations that can accommodate nearly any brief. We’ve shot urban landscapes that doubled for major European and North American capitals, mystic Medieval backdrops, stormy lighthouses, snow-covered mountain tops, empty highways & airports and just about everything else.

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In addition to offering great natural and architectural landscapes, this region also boasts amazing interiors that display the richness of its cross-cultural and historical heritage, as well as many lots and facilities that can be easily adapted into studio spaces.
Besides that, this area is a fun and safe place for crews and lays in close proximity to major European capitals.
And while Croatia and Slovenia have been working hard to position themselves as a film-friendly country whose public and private sector work together to accommodate film crews, there are many regulations and requirements that are specific to each country and may even vary from region to region. As these keep shifting, depending on many factors, such as city-specific by-laws to local holidays, local construction plans and schedules of other productions, our ability to anticipate any potential setbacks and offer locations that are best suited for each individual project will assure your production a well-planned shooting schedule and lowered risk of loss due to unwitting oversight.