Amazing production - YKK - Home alone
YKK - Home alone
Client: YKK
Production: Amazing production
Director: Hisashi Eto
Agency: Dentsu
DOP: Ruben Impens
YKK - Home alone
Amazing production
Hisashi Eto
Amazing production - YKK - Home alone
Ruben Impens
One of the most secured investments on Wall street or any street. Service production in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for Supply & Demand with director Gerard de Thame. VFX effects and post-production done by The Mill.
Assured Guaranty - Winds
Assured Guaranty Municipal Bond Insurance
Supply & Demand
Gerard de Thame
Supply & Demand - Assured Guaranty - Winds
Gardner Nelson + Partners
Denis Crossan
Impossible but actually possible. The global campaign for the world's first 4x4 SUV and chargeable hybrid in one. Studio shots, night drives along the Croatian coast, Norwegian landscapes and great photography by Anders Flatland. Service production in Croatia for Tangrystan.
Mitsubishi: Impossible
Jacob Strøm
Tangrystan - Mitsubishi: Impossible
MK Norway
Anders Flatland
Exhaustion, football and cars are not known for mixing into an emotional cocktail, but director Marcus Söderlund and Filmmaster Production managed to shake one up. Pakt Media service production in North Italy.
Dacia - Ritorni
Filmmaster production
Marcus Söderlund
Filmmaster production - Dacia - Ritorni
Publicis Italy
Frederick Wnzel
Falling through a ceiling, walking through a wall, and riding a bear through Slovenian landscape. A rather unusual film for K-rauta with Swedish actor Jarmo Mäkinen and Arja Saionmaa, a Finnish singer and political activist, which was shot in Slovenia for Film de Liberté. No animals or people were harmed during the shooting.
K‒rauta – Jarmo & Arja
Film de Liberte
Joakim Eliasson
Film de Liberte - K‒rauta – Jarmo & Arja
Aril Wretblad
The Deluxe Chef is after delicacies again. Due to a wide range of different locations and looks of local talents, the Finnish Chef has managed to get the best from Spain, Italy and France all in one place - Slovenia. A series of commercials for Lidl Deluxe were shot in Slovenia for Otto production.
LIDL - Deluxe Spain
Lidl Finland
Otto production
Markus Virpiö
Otto production - Spain
Folk Finland
Tuomo Virtanen
Filming at different locations from Slovenian Alps to Ljubljana city center, Alessandro Pacciani took an unusual approach to a car commercial. Ironic and witty, it manages to show both adventure and urban strength of Fiat's new and playful SUV. Service production in Slovenia for Filmmaster Production.
Fiat - Panda Cross
Filmmaster Production
Alessandro Pacciani
Filmmaster Production - Fiat - Panda Cross
Independent Ideas
Paul Meyers
Starring the charming Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, the new Intimissimi campaign is in search for the perfect bra.
 The film was shot in the beautifully designed hotel Lone in Croatia and directed by Matthias Zentner, who managed to transform a creative idea into a seductive and sensual symphony.
Intimissimi - The size room
Filmmaster production
Matthias Zentner
Filmmaster production - Intimissimi - The size room
Apart Collective
Torsten Lippstock
The French-German-Czech series created by Tom Fontana, presents the plots of the infamous family and their fight for power in renaissance Italy. The third season has been partly shot in Croatia (Dubrovnik, island of Pag and Istria) and in North Italy; in both countries production was serviced by Pakt Media. Borgia was produced by the French company Atlantique Productions and Canal Plus, in coproduction with German EOS Entertainment and the Czech company Film United.
Borgia: Season III
Atlantique Productions / Film United
Christoph Schrewe, Metin Huseyin, Athina Tsangari
Atlantique Productions / Film United - Borgia: Season III
James Welland, Balazs Bolygo
It's never been done before, not even in Hollywood. Faith Dickey, the world highlining record holder, was walking a rope between two moving trucks. The commercial was shot on a closed motorway in Croatia and directed by an Oscar nominee Henry Alex Rubin. The stunt coordinator Peter Pedrero worked on Hollywood films such as Harry Potter, James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean. The video soon became a major hit on YouTube with more than six million views.
Volvo ‒ Ballerina Stunt Ballerina Stunt
Henry Alex Rubin
Smuggler - Ballerina Stunt
Forsman & Bodenfors
Jakob Ihre